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The Council is seeking views on reviewing the current street trading policy.

Street trading can cover tables and chairs and the display of goods on the pavement. Currently, the policy only permits street trading licences for tables and chairs on the pavement outside restaurants, cafes and pubs in certain designated streets, and the sale of goods from seasonal and farmers markets and the sale of goods from a small number of very longstanding stalls.

The display of goods on the pavement outside shops is not currently permitted.

We are considering extending street trading to also allow for the display of goods on the pavement outside shops. This has the potential to help boost the economic vitality of local shops. The determination of a street trading licence application would include an assessment as to whether there was sufficient space on the pavement to allow pedestrians to pass the display safely.

In considering the display of goods on the pavement, a clear objective is to ensure that the visual amenity of the streets is not compromised by the display of poor quality or inappropriate goods generally, and particularly in conservation areas.

The questionnaire will seek your views about:

  • Whether you think shops should be allowed to display goods on the pavement
  • The types of goods considered to be suitable for shop front displays
  • Whether street trading should be allowed in the existing designated streets, or extended to other retail streets or allowed across the whole borough
  • Whether the proposed licence conditions are sufficient for street trading in conservation areas
  • The proposed licence fees

The closing date for responses is Monday 25 September 2017.

For full information and to complete the survey visit the Enfield Council website.


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David Eden's Avatar
David Eden posted a reply #3174 31 Aug 2017 11:20
'Boost the economic vitality of local shops' - by turning the high street into a dump??

Genuinely can't think of a positive from this, would only look awful, and I can't see how it'd make anyone buy anything more likely.

If Starfish can't have additional seating in the mountain of space available without encumbering the safe passage of pedestrians, I can't see how any shop on Green Lanes or Alderman's Hill could ever be said to have sufficient room to spill out.
Colin Younger's Avatar
Colin Younger posted a reply #3175 31 Aug 2017 17:34
Totally agree that this would be counterproductive. LBE already constantly fails to enforce its own rules on shop front development, themselves watered down from an earlier supplementary guidance paper. There is no chance that it would be able to enforce these new proposals. What about the negative effect on nearby residents, particularly if there are operated on the 0700-2300 times suggested.

Who will decide on what standards apply in or close to conservation areas? If shops want to be more attractive do it by opening their window displays, removing window advertising which obscures their offers, take down solid shutters, and generally adopt attractive designs for signage and lighting.

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