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Enfield Council's cabinet member for the environment has given the go-ahead for implementation of the "Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood" scheme, as originally proposed in November 2017, though with some modifications in response to points raised during the consultation process. No information is available about how soon the work will be done (a few elements are already in place - the "Copenhagen crossings" shown on the map below as pink circles).

fox lane qn consultation map smallerMap showing the original proposals, some of which have been modified or dropped.  For the key to the map see this article from November 2017 (click on the map to enlarge)

The scheme encompasses a large area of entirely residential streets extending from Palmers Green Triangle nearly all the way to Southgate Circus.  The map above was extracted from the original proposals, so does not reflect any changes, but the overall concept remains the same.

fox lane qn entry concept

Planters at Neighbourhood Zone entry points

The entire area will be signed as a "Neighbourhood Zone" with a non-mandatory 20mph limit.  The green circles are the signs indicating this, which will be mounted on large planters installed in the roadway to discourage drivers from using the roads as through routes (see the artist's impression).

Along Fox Lane itself there will be sinusoidal speed humps, designed to enourage slower driving without creating noise or hazards for cyclists.

The road narrowing shown on the map will not be included and the details of point no-entry treatments in the Meadway estate have change

The decision was among those listed in Publication of Decision List 23/18-19, published on 28th September, and took effect on Monday 8th October.  The summary information in the decision list is shown in the box below. The full consultation report is also available an incorporates an analysis of responses and objections.

Excerpt from Publication of Decision List No 23/18-19

AGREED: that the following decisions will come into effect on 8th October, subject to not being called in:

1. That the Quieter Neighbourhood scheme for the Fox Lane Area as illustrated in Appendix A of the report be implemented, including:

  • Provision of neighbourhood zone encouraging lower speeds with entry treatments using signs and planters.
  • Provision of speed humps in Fox Lane
  • “3D speed cushion” markings in Devonshire Road
  • Informal crossing point at the Amberley Road/Fox Lane junction
  • Point No Entry on Meadway
  • School Street in Cannon Road

2. That the following is noted;

  • Road narrowing, other than at junctions, is not progressed.
  • Measures for the Meadway/Greenway junction will be brought forward for consultation with ward councillors and local residents

3. That the traffic management orders be made to bring the scheme into operation, including any necessary experimental traffic management order relating to the point no-entry in the Meadway and the Cannon Road School Street.


Do nothing. This is not recommended as Quieter Neighbourhoods form an essential part of the strategy to promote walking and cycling in the Borough.

Implement the scheme as consulted on. This is not recommended as several comments made in response to the consultation raised legitimate issues that have been addressed as part of the development of the final scheme.

Introduction of modal filters. This option was considered, but is not recommended at this time, subject to the monitoring of the recommendations contained with this report.


The proposed recommendations will enable a scheme to be implemented that promotes walking and cycling by reducing the impact of traffic in the Fox Lane area. In view of this mixed response to the proposed point no-entry, it is also recommended that this be installed on a trial basis, with further consultation undertaken before a final decision is made whether it should be retained, removed or modified.


Publication of Decision List No 23/18-19

Full report on the outcome of the Fox Lane QN statutory consultation (The report is the third item in this document pack)

Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood proposals published (PGC 1 November 2017)

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John Phillips's Avatar
John Phillips posted a reply #4111 Yesterday 13:43
I was rather alarmed to see, on clicking through to the map attached to the document pack, that the side roads off Fox Lane get planters but not Lakeside and Grovelands Roads. These will now become the preferred rat-runs for vehicles avoiding the Green Lanes shopping area.
The continuous pavements are welcome but have done next to nothing to reduce levels of traffic, noise, fumes and speeding.
I thought the scheme was supposed to be holistic in that it would not prefer some roads over others. Have I got it wrong?
John Phillips
Lakeside Road
Adrian Day's Avatar
Adrian Day posted a reply #4112 Today 12:46
I suspect you're right, John. I understand the final design was based on the feedback from individual street residents.

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