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3 quieter neighbourhoods

If you live in one of the areas shown on the maps and are worried about excessive traffic or speeding in local streets, you have until Sunday 10th November to let the council know your concerns and your suggestions for improvements.

These three areas are all in Phase 2 of the council's Quieter Neighbourhoods programme. After the deadline expires on Thursday, council officers will analyse what people have written and draw up plans to deal with the problems that have been identified. These plans might just involve measures to slow down traffic on specific streets or they might be much more ambitious - creating low-traffic neighbourhoods so that "rat-runners" can no longer use your streets as cut-throughs.

You should have received a leaflet about this from the council, but even if you haven't you can still let them know what you think by visiting the Let's Talk Enfield Neighbourhoods Hub (with links to all information and perception surveys).

You can also share your concerns by commenting on this article and discussing them with other people in the Palmers Green Community forums. In addition, the Better Streets for Enfield group is forming sub-groups in these three areas to help campaign for measures to make streets quieter, less polluted and safer for people, and especially children, to walk and cross roads. A group of people from the Halstead Road area of Winchmore Hill has already met twice. If you're interested in joining Better Streets or one of its sub-groups, you can contact them at .


Let's Talk Enfield Neighbourhoods Hub (with links to all information and perception surveys)

Better Streets for Enfield

Quieter Neighbourhoods phase 2 launched (Palmers Green Community 26 October 2019)

Note: This article was edited on 8th November to change "Thursday 10th November" to "Sunday 10th November".

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Neil Littman's Avatar
Neil Littman posted a reply #4880 11 Nov 2019 08:34
Hi, I was just wondering why the article made no mention of the scheme to close off all the roads in the Fox Lane 'Lakes' area which seems to have reached a more advanced stage of planning?

Adrian Day's Avatar
Adrian Day posted a reply #4891 12 Nov 2019 18:58
None of the roads in the Fox Lane area are being closed - all will be accessible. Walkers and cyclists will find it easier as there will be no rat-running HGVs , vans and cars speeding and polluting within the LTN . Vehicles will be able to access every road.

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