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Fair Funding Enfield - a group that campaigns for increased funding for local schools - has recently carried out a survey with the aim of quantifying the impact of school funding cuts in Enfield.

59 schools responded to an anonymous survey.

The results of the survey are set out below.

school cuts top

"We do not have any further capacity for cuts in staff numbers, at any level of the organisation."

  • 49% of schools have cut teaching staff
  • 76% have cut teaching assistants
  • 28% postponed or cancelled essential repairs to their school. Windows are broken and roofs are leaking.
  • 59% report reduced training opportunities for staff
  • 72% have already cut or are considering cuts to learning resources
  • 32% have already cut or are considering cutting school trips
  • 58% are considering further cuts to teaching staff
  • 42% are considering reducions to the school day or week
  • 42% already request or are considering requesting financial contributions from parents
  • 95% say cuts will negatively impact the quality of education being delivered
  • 76% say cuts will negatively impact pupil wellbeing
  • 90% say cuts will negatively impact staff wellbeing
  • 80% predict budget cuts will negatively impact children's life chances

This is the impact of cuts in Enfield. Schools all over England and Wales are facing funding cuts.

What does it mean for schools near you?

Find out at and search for Fair Funding for All Schools - Enfield on Facebook.

Search for Enfield's fab video #FutureStealers

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