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We have had enough.

Many of us are affected in our own homes. We are not sleeping on weekend nights due to the noise. That affects our health and relationships. And there is a constant risk of death and serious injury as this criminal behaviour goes unchallenged. We have heard of three people dying on the A10 in 2018 – perhaps there were more. For each individual there was a family and community torn apart. And how many more have suffered life-changing injuries in high-speed collisions on the A10?


enfieldcrash A10 tree 1The driver of this car, a young mother, died on the A10 in November 2018

Part of an open letter to the Metropolitan Police and to Transport for London from Better Streets for London, pointing out that people living within hearing distance of the A10 have completely lost patience with both bodies because of their failure to take effective measures against "boy racers" who are making their weekends stressful and endangering innocent road users.

These totally irresponsible drivers practice their deadly games apparently without fear of the authorities.  Watch them on this film openly celebrating their dangerous activities at the "Enfield Meet".

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