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imageLocal residents voice their concerns about the junction at the top of Aldermans Hill to Transport for London officers. In all 25 residents attended, providing a cross-generational representation.

Officers from Transport for London and Enfield Council joined local residents last Friday morning to see for themselves the challenges posed by the absence of proper pedestrian infrastructure at the junction of Aldermans Hill, Powys Lane, Cannon Hill and Forestdale.

The visit by Transport for London's Engagement Officer, Esther Johnson, accompanied by two engineers from TfL's Highways & Traffic team, and by David Taylor, Enfield Council’s Head of Traffic & Transportation, came in response to a letter to the Head of Surface Transport at TfL sent by Cllr Daniel Anderson, who represents Southgate Green ward and at the time he wrote the letter was deputy council leader.

Cllr Anderson's letter drew attention to the concerns raised by many local residents and by the Minchenden Estate Residents Association about the fact that the traffic lights at the junction lack a pedestrian crossing phase. Crossing the top of Aldermans Hill is further complicated by the presence of a left filter from Cannon Hill into Aldermans Hill.

According to Cllr Anderson, during the site visit a number of ideas were discussed, including a shorter-term option of shifting round some of the lights so that pedestrians can see whether they are red or green. Also suggested were more radical interventions, such as an all-red phase, which is technically feasible with the current infrastructure, but which, he says, TfL are reluctant to do because of the likely knock-on effect of traffic congestion and impact on other junctions.

The TfL visitors agreed to consider options and report back over the next few months in time for a formal response to the next meeting of the Minchenden Estate Residents’ Association, in October.

Text of letter to Gareth Powell, MD Surface Transport, Transport for London, dated 25 March 2019

Dear Gareth,

Junction of Alderman’s Hill, Powys Lane, Cannon Hill and Forestdale N14

Firstly, can I thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in helping Enfield move towards creating healthier and safer streets in line with the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, not least with the recent announcement of our successful Liveable Neighbourhood proposal for Enfield Town, which will go some considerable way to achieving this aim in this key town centre.

To those ends, if we are going to achieve the full effect of such measures, there are a number of relatively minor, but nonetheless significant barriers to that need to be overcome.

One such example is the above junction, where there are a lack of pedestrian facilities. Indeed, the situation has deteriorated in recent years when the far-sided secondary signals on Powys Lane and Cannon Hill were replaced with closely associated secondary signals. The change, which may have benefited motorists, has made it far more difficult for pedestrians as they can no longer see the signals to help judge when it is safe to cross. In addition, you should note that the crossing is immediately next to a local park and close to local schools and so residents, young, old and those in between are regularly using the crossing.

Clearly then, we need to address such concerns about safety if we are to achieve the Mayor’s ambition to significantly increase the number of people using active travel means in London.

We have looked at the feasibility of introducing an all-red phase for pedestrians and I am happy to share the technical report with you and your officers. However, as I’m sure that you will appreciate, this is likely to be a relatively expensive option and I would instead hope that we can work together on finding some alternative and more cost-effective solutions.

I would therefore welcome the opportunity to meet on-site with you, or one of your team, so that you can hear residents’ concerns and together we can find a way

I look forward to hearing from you with some possible dates.

Kind regards.

Cllr Daniel Anderson
Deputy Leader, Enfield Council

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