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A petition has been launched to try to persuade Govia Great Northern to reopen a gate at the Alexandra Park end of the footbridge across Alexandra Pallace station.

Automatic ticket gates are now in operation at Alexandra Palace station.  They are located in the building at the Wood Green end of the footbridge.  Until recently it was possible for passengers accessing the station from the Alexandra Park (Bedford Road) end of the footbridge to reach the platforms without having to walk all the way to the far end and back.  They could do this by using a normally open gate between the "public" side of the footbridge and the "railway" side.  In order to force all passengers to go through the ticket gates, Govia have now locked this gates.

The closure means a longer walk (in both distance and time) and reportedly leads to congestion during peak hours.

The online petition to reopen the gate can be found on Catherine West MP's website.



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