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From 18th January W8 and W9 buses will be terminating at and starting from a new bus stop adjacent to the new Chase Farm hospital building. The timetables for both routes will remain unaltered.

The change has been welcomed by the London Assembly Member for Enfield and Haringey, Joanne McCartney AM:

“With the new bus stop being situated directly outside the hospital’s main entrance, it will make life a lot easier for patients and passengers who use local bus services to visit Chase Farm Hospital.

“I hope this planned change will also encourage residents to leave their cars at home, improving air quality around the hospital site.

“This comes alongside the new 456 route proposed to run to North Middlesex University Hospital, which I have long campaigned for, so I am pleased that TfL are taking such comprehensive action to improve bus links to our local hospitals in Enfield.”

Note: This report has been amended to show the correct date for when the new bus stop comes into use - 18th January, not 11th January.

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