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Transport for London (TfL) is continuing to develop its ideas for the routing of the proposed Crossrail 2 rail link and is putting new proposals out for public consultation.  A recent development with implications for our readership concerns the routing of the spur between Dalston and New Southgate.

The main section of Crossrail 2 will run in a tunnel between Tottenham and Clapham Junction, via Dalston, Angel, Euston/St Pancras, Tottenham Court Road, Victoria and Kings Road Chelsea.  At both ends trains will run over existing surface rail lines - northwards to Broxbourne, to the south to a variety of destinations in south west London.  Journey times across central London will be significantly shorter than those currently possible using the London Underground.

The latest phase of public consultations relates to more detailed planning of the entire proposal.  For full information see the Crossrail 2 website.

Options for the New Southgate branch

crossrail 2 new southgate optionsThe two options for the New Southgate branch of Crossrail 2As originally conceived, the New Southgate spur would branch off the main south-to-north Crossrail 2 line at Dalston, with intermediate stations at Seven Sisters, Turnpike Lane and Alexandra Palace.  This routing is still one of the options under consideration, but an alternative route is now being consulted on, where the tunnel would bypass Turnpike Lane and Alexandra Palace and instead go through Wood Green town centre.  Under both options the line would run in a tunnel emerging just south of New Southgate station.

In its consultation document TfL summarises the advantages of each of the options:

Possible route alignment via Turnpike Lane and Alexandra Palace

This option proposes routing Crossrail 2 from Seven Sisters via two new Crossrail 2 stations and then onwards to New Southgate. This option would:

  • Reduce crowding on existing services at Turnpike Lane by up to 60 per cent on westbound trains during the morning peak
  • Provide an interchange with the Piccadilly line at Turnpike Lane
  • Provide an interchange with National Rail services on the Great Northern railway line at Alexandra Palace, before reaching central London. This option would mean the route would not serve Wood Green.

A possible alternative location for a new Crossrail 2 station at Wood Green

  • If the line instead took a slightly more northerly route, there would be a station at Wood Green. This option would:
  • Reduce crowding on the existing services at Wood Green during the morning peak and reduce journey times into central London
  • Provide an interchange with the Piccadilly line
  • Support Haringey’s aspiration for the redevelopment of Wood Green High Street
  • Be situated in the main retail area of Wood Green with access to shops, leisure and services

This option would mean the route would not serve Turnpike Lane or Alexandra Palace. In addition it would require an intermediate shaft for ventilation and intervention, potentially in the northwest corner of Downhills Recreation Ground.


In terms of shopping, employment, services and bus routes Wood Green town centre is a much more important hub than Turnpike Lane and even more so than the mainly residential area around Alexandra Palace station, so a new station in Wood Green High Road would make good sense.

However, from the point of view of someone travelling from Palmers Green or any other station on the Hertford Loop, the original option of a Crossrail 2 station at Alexandra Palace is more advantageous, since it would be possible to change there for fast southbound Crossrail services to central and south London destinations.

The New Southgate branch of Crossrail 2 would not become operational until 2030 at the earliest.


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peter kemp's Avatar
peter kemp posted a reply #1807 27 Nov 2015 19:25
I read what you wrote about options via Turnpike Lane or Wood Green. Turnpike Lane will still serve the Wood Green High Road area plus giving good links at Ally Pally for Bowes Park, Palmers Green etc. So we have to push hard for Turnpike/Ally Pally option :)
PGC Webmaster's Avatar
PGC Webmaster posted a reply #1824 01 Dec 2015 15:33
On Bowes & Bounds Connected Donald Smith has posted the following information about a meeting for representatives of community organisations:

Transport for London and the Crossrail 2 Project are currently issuing invitations to representatives of local organisations, to attend a new community engagement panel that we are proposing to establish.

In their invitations they explain the following:

'Crossrail 2 is proposed to provide a route through the London Borough of Haringey from Seven Sisters to New Southgate. We are currently reviewing two route options. The first option is in line with our safeguarded route and proposes two new Crossrail 2 stations at Alexandra Palace and Turnpike Lane. A potential alternative is to have a Crossrail 2 station at Wood Green instead of Alexandra Palace and Turnpike Lane. As we work to refine the proposals and determine a preferred route, we want to engage with community representatives to provide more information about what this means for your local area and to better understand local issues.

'Crossrail2 have worked with local councils to identify groups in the local area that may have an interest in joining the Crossrail 2 Panel. Feedback from the Panel will be considered to help shape and inform the proposals for the scheme as they develop.'

Should you want to learn more about this, the TfL contact is Glenn Tobin, Local Engagement Officer at (The invitations are being sent under the name of Jack Day, Crossrail 2 Local Engagement Manager)

The Enfield Local Plan will also be discussed by Gerry Ansell

The meeting is at Garfield School on Wednesday 2nd December