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14 November 2016

The Friends of Broomfield Park’s annual service of remembrance for those who died in the two world wars and subsequent conflicts was held in the Garden of Remembrance in Broomfield Park on Friday, November 11. It was led by Rev. Chrichton Limbert, vicar of Christ Church, Southgate and was attended by Christine Hamilton, Deputy Mayor of Enfield, David Burrowes, MP for Southgate, Doug Taylor, Leader of the Council, Terry Neville, Leader of the Opposition,  local councillors,.......

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02 November 2016

"Towards Alexandra Palace" by Christine Matthews - an entry in the 2016 Friends of Broomfield Park photo competition Voting is now under way for the 2016 Fields in Trust award for the UK's Best Park and Broomfield Park is among 30 London parks that have been nominated this year. Voting will close at 5pm on Wednesday 9th November. The park with the most votes in each of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be shortlisted. Their nominators will be invited to attend the.......

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12 October 2016

The Friends of Broomfield Park have announced the results of their 2016 Photo Competition. The winner in the Adult category was Munise Cebesi for entry No 47: The winner in the Under 16 category was Alize Akturk for a photograph entitled Perspective Runners up in the adult category were David Sumeray (entry No 13) and Sandra Roberts (entry No 29). The winners were selected using a two-stage process:  first the Friends' committee members selected a shortlist of photographs, which.......

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05 October 2016

Broomfield Community Orchard was awarded Silver for its horticultural contribution to the local community Broomfield Park has had another triumphant year in the Enfield in Bloom competition, winning Gold for Best Maintained Park.  Another Gold went to Broomfield Conservatory for its Exceptional Horticultural Contribution to the Community, while Broomfield Community Orchard was awarded Silver in the same category. Both the Conservatory and Orchard are run by volunteers from the.......

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28 August 2016

Enfield Council has just posted on its website a comprehensive set of documents prepared for the Broomfield House Partnership Boards’ [1] consideration of the future of the House [2] and Stableyard. These can be read as they stand, but in order to better understand these papers, it might be helpful to summarise how we got here. As well as the House, the Conservation Management Plan considers the Stables and the Park as a wholeRecent Plans A number of earlier plans proposed by Enfield.......

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21 August 2016

That (Bigger) Blue Patch (Photo: Colin Younger)After two successive blazing hot Sundays in the park, things weren't looking too good for the third week of Broomfield Blues.  Heavy rain on Saturday and a very dull start to Sunday.  But the weather gods must have been sufficiently mollified by the sacrifices people made last week (the money collected in Ralph Hutching's bright red top hat) and eventually laid on a warm afternoon with long enough sunny spells to bring out the audience and.......

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03 August 2016

Exactly one month to go until Palmers Green Festival 2016.  Expect the same mix as before of fun and games, food and drink, music and dancing, things to buy, people to talk to... However, behind the scenes there will  be some changes in the way the PG Festival is run this year.  The chief organiser behind all the Festivals to date, and this year's too, is Phillip Chard, who explains how the Festival's phenomenal success makes it necessary to do things a bit differently this.......

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02 August 2016

  The Friends of Broomfield Park with The Vintage Blues Music Association present Broomfield Blues Sunday 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th August 2015 1.30pm - 5pmThe Bandstand, Broomfield Park, Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4RB FREE EVENTS The best Blues Music brought to you every Sunday afternoon in August on the Bandstand. The Friends of Broomfield Park have teamed up with The Vintage Blues Music Association, who run the highly acclaimed St Harmonica's Blues Club in.......

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21 July 2016

James Downing (left) and Graham Deal display the Green Flag newly awarded to Broomfield Park At a special cream tea held in the shade of trees by the boating pond, Friends of Broomfield Park yesterday said goodbye to two good friends who arrived carrying a special green flag. The cream tea was served by the Greenery Community Cafe, the two good friends were James Downing and Graham Deal, both employees of Enfield Council, and the green flag was the official emblem of the Green Flag Award,.......

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19 July 2016

Last year FRIENDS OF BROOMFIELD PARK and TALKIES COMMUNITY CINEMA had a sell out with Ghostbusters in Broomfield Park. This year will be even better - bring friends and family, come in fancy dress, make some alien food and have a picnic in the park in the dark. ALIEN FAMILY PICNIC IN THE PARK IN THE DARKfeaturing...ET - THE EXTRA TERRESTRIALFRI 2 SEPTpicnics from 7.00film starts 8.00 (ish)Bowling GreenBroomfield ParkAldermans Hill,London N13 4RBMore details on the Talkies.......

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09 July 2016

Palmers Green plays host to one of North London’s top Blues clubs – St Harmonica’s hosted at the St Monica’s Parish Centre. Together with The Vintage Blues Music Association, our sponsor Winkworth, and a host of supporting friends, The Friends of Broomfield Park are delighted to bring you another August full of the best in Blues. Broomfield Blues is our annual celebration and showcase of what can be found every Friday evening at St Harmonica’s. Each Sunday.......

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23 June 2016

The Spirals of Life final show of ceramic sculptures is now on in Broomfield Park conservatory. Most of the previous sculptures are back, with a few new ones (look out for the Venus baby-trap!). A ceramic sculpture of a pitcher plant hanging among real pitcher plants in Broomfield ConservatoryIn addition, the work from the two ceramics workshops are being displayed. (Participants can collect their work next month from 3rd to 24th July, during normal opening hours.) There are also a couple of.......

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22 June 2016

A wildlife haven in Conway RecThe latest mini-film produced by Palmers Green Tales tells the story of how the pond in the recreation ground off Conway Road was restored by the Friends of Conway Rec.  Following some repair work carried out by the council, the pond had become simply a barren stretch of water.  The film describes the ingenious techniques used by the Friends to restore it to its former role as a wildlife haven. An annual visitor is a female mallard, who hatches a brood of.......

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30 May 2016

When Bob Mitchell started his job as a gardener in Broomfield Park he was one of twelve people employed by the council to care for the park.  That was in 1984.  32 years later, many of the people whose work keeps the park looking beautiful are volunteers, members of the Friends of Broomfield Park. Chris Kaufman (left) presents Bob Mitchell with a retirement present on behalf of the Friends of Broomfield ParkNevertheless, there is a big difference between what can be done by volunteers.......

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22 May 2016

The ducks already have, and they seem to like it. The Broomfield Orchard team will be working on the pond on Sunday afternoons - 2pm to 4.30pm.  And they're always on the lookout for more volunteers - contact ........

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12 April 2016

Many of you will have heard about the plans of the Friends of Broomfield Park to create a wildlife pond and a community growing space in the park. Well, it is about to happen. Do you fancy helping to create the new wildlife pond and community growing space in Broomfield Park? The pond and growing space will be located between the tennis courts and the orchard. The location of the growing space and wildlife pond - and what they might look like 1. Marking out, stripping the turf and.......

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29 March 2016

Storm Katie arrived in London on Sunday night/Monday morning and did a fair amount of damage.  On the Friends of Broomfield Park Facebook page Tomas Adomaitis has posted photographs of the effect on the recently planted lime trees in Broomfield Park.  Obviously, it doesn't compare to a pub having its roof ripped off (elsewhere in London), but it's a pity.  Hopefully, the Council will be able to fix the ten or so trees that were.......

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23 March 2016

Easter Sunday is the last Sunday in March and therefore the last chance to see this month's Spirals of Life sculptures in Broomfield Conservatory before they give way to the April exhibits. The March exhibits are sculptures of lilies and ferns created by Cathy Taylor and June Dawes. Cathy writes: "Ferns first caught my eye in the beautiful La Mortella Gardens in Ischia, Italy, where the fronds of giant tree ferns interlaced against the sky. Tree ferns are a very old form of life, familiar.......

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22 March 2016

The fourth annual photographic competition held by the Friends of Broomfield Park has been announced.  Visitors to the Park are invited to take photographs while there and submit them in one of two categories:  Adults and Under 16s. The competition runs until 4th August, after which a shortlist of entries will be exhibited in Broomfield Conservatory.  Visitors to the Conservatory will be able to cast votes for their favourite photographs. Last year's competition was won by.......

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02 March 2016

The first month of this year's Artist-in-Residence scheme in Broomfield Conservatory was brought to a close with a very popular drop-in workshop, giving visitors an opportunity to learn how to create ceramic leaves. Cathy Taylor's five-month residency goes by the overall title "Spirals of Life", each month having a different theme, but all within the overall concept of "biological sculptures". Cathy's report on last Sunday's workshop: "The ceramics leaf-making workshop in the Conservatory in.......

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