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23 September 2020

The Enfield Dispatch reports that a Palmers Green resident was only able to tested for Covid-19 at Lodge Drive car park by applying online using a Glasgow postcode. Serco employees at the test site were 'milling around' without doing any testing.

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22 September 2020

A new single written by two musicians from Palmers Green vividly portrays life on the NHS frontline at the height of the pandemic. Working on the Frontline was written by Kate St John and Neill McColl and is performed by BAFTA-nominated actor and singer Jessie Buckley and her band Jessie & The Leonards.

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19 August 2020

You could become part of a strong collective voice for cancer patients across North Central London. The Patient and User Involvement Group ensures patient or carer representation in the development of local Cancer Alliance programmes and in projects to meaningfully improve patients' experience of care.

06 August 2020

The North Mid Hospital's stakeholder update for July. Subjects covered: elective (planned) surgery; outpatients; blood tests; imaging; cancer pathways; paediatrics; women's health services; key messages for patients; and car parking.

06 August 2020

As Premier League clubs prepare for the start of the new season, the world-first arrangement which has seen women's outpatient care delivered from Tottenham Hotspur's superb stadium approaches the full-time whistle. The groundbreaking arrangement which kicked off in mid-April, at the height of the covid-19 pandemic, has seen the state-of-the-art stadium host antenatal, gynaecology and obstetric services in its spacious facilities. The drive-through Covid-19 testing service will continue to operate from the THFC stadium roomy basement car park, and is even due to expand capacity in the near future.

02 August 2020

Many people who live and work in London are feeling anxious about coronavirus and how it might impact them, their loved ones, their work and their future. It’s important to know that it is normal and okay to feel upset, anxious or confused at times. The Coping Well During Covid webinar series has been developed to support you if you are feeling anxious about coronavirus and how it is impacting you, your loved ones or your work.

12 July 2020

On 24th June Healthwatch Enfield organised an online question and answer session with senior staff from the North Middlesex and Royal Free/Chase Farm hospitals. The entire session was recorded. A long video (one hour), but filled with useful and interesting information. Subject matter includes how the hospitals coped during the acute phase of the Covid-19 outbreak, how they are continuing to provide infection control and how services are gradually being restored.

01 July 2020

An investigation by two local journalists has revealed that, despite a pledge by health secretary Matt Hancock, care homes in Enfield were refused Covid-19 tests for symptomatic residents at the peak of the pandemic.

21 June 2020

This survey is for women who are pregnant or who have given birth during the Covid-19 pandemic. It will help maternity services better understand the impact of decisions taken about changes to services on women';s experiences of being pregnant and giving birth during this time.

19 June 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, North Middlesex University Hospital is continuing to treat cancer patients. While some treatments which weaken the immune system have had to be paused until a safer time, innovative methods are being used to reduce inconvenience to patients. The hospital is using 'chemo buses' to enable treatment without entering the hospital buildings, and has introduced a new type of radiotherapy.

18 June 2020

A short video published by North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group explains why you should not ignore possible cancer symptoms and why you should not hesitate to contact your GP practice.

16 June 2020

The North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has commissioned a new helpline for people aged 18 and over who live, work or study in Barnet, Haringey, Enfield, Camden or Islington and are affected by suicide. The service has been initiated to ensure that people can access additional support during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers a safe, supportive, non-judgmental and informative space to discuss matters related to suicide.

20 May 2020

The Covid Symptom Study suggests that cases have been increasing since 8th May across the country, though they are still a fraction of the peak estimate on 2nd April. The most recent estimate for Enfield is 1.1 per cent of the population - nearly twice the estimate at the beginning of the month. The Covid-19 Symptom Study is running out of funding and has launched an appeal for donations.

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20 May 2020

Healthwatch Enfield would like to find out what impact Coronavirus is having on people in the borough in order to find out what information and support local people need in future. Please complete their 5-minute survey online or over the phone.

08 May 2020

A public health briefing on Covid-19 in the borough and nationally was issued to councillors on 7th May.

24 April 2020

The country's most important medical colleges and charities working in the health field have joined forces to urge people - and especially those in the most at-risk groups - to start using the Covid-19 Symptom Tracker app to provide researchers with vitally important data which will be used to fight the coronavirus. The over-70s and those who have pre existing health conditions appear to be most at risk from the effects of COVID-19, yet they are significantly under-represented in the group of people currently providing data through the app. However, early analysis shows that the illness may start with different symptoms in these groups, such as diarrhoea and confusion, rather than the classic cough and fever.

22 April 2020

More than two and a half million users of the Covid-19 Symptom Tracker app are participating in the world's largest citizen science programme and helping researchers discover more about the virus, how it spreads, how to treat it and how to eliminate it. What they have discovered so far shows that the lockdowns in the UK has been effective in reducing the number of people who have symptomatic Covid-19. At its peak on 2nd April, epidemiologists working alongside machine learning scientists predicted that over two million people aged between 20 and 69 fell into this category, but since then the incidence has been falling steadily, down to around 460,000.

22 April 2020

The UK government's approach to the coronavirus outbreak raises some important questions. As well as the many issues mentioned in a video by Dr Tony O'Sullivan, we have to ask ourselves why the government's criteria for easing the current restrictions differ so much from those specified by the World Health Organisation.

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12 April 2020

To help ease the burden on hospital staff, the North Middlesex is asking the public to donate food, equipment, items from their Amazon wishlist, money - via their JustGiving page, or to sew uniform wash bags for hospital staff.

12 April 2020

From midday on Tuesday 14 April the children and young people's emergency department at Barnet Hospital will be temporarily diverted to other hospitals.