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Eclectic and entertaining plays during Write Here, Write Now
Write Here, Write Now

Eclectic and entertaining plays -
Wed 17 - Sat 20 Feb

There'll be five plays and they reflect the writers’ diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests. Read about all the plays below or on our website.

Performed in the intimate Studio Theatre, the pieces will be simply staged, giving you a great chance to be drawn into the storytelling. With just 6 performances, and all this for just £7 (or £5 to 15-25 year olds), don't miss out on Write Here, Write Now.

The Plays:

Plenty of Catfish
Following an unlucky stint in love, Joyce joins a dating website, after being convinced by her best friend Toya, determined to find ‘the one’... Read full synopsis and about the writer.
The Bartered Bride
Zeus may be the most ambitious and single-minded among the Olympian Gods and is on the biggest career move of his life. He is persuading Hades, the God of the Underworld, to support his claim for the position of Supreme God... Read full synopsis and about the writer.
This Happens
A young woman just wants to be 'the perfect Muslim'. She finds herself experimenting and trying to fit in with her friends. However, when temptation stands before her, it's hard to resist... Read about the writer.
To See a Familiar Smile
There are things in all our lives that are beyond our control, and for Ben and his family this is most definitely the case. Ben was born with cerebral palsy so he finds everyday things a struggle. To See a Familiar Smile explores the subject of family... Read full synopsis and about the writer.
After a dog is heard barking on the local estate, rumours soon begin to escalate. Hysteria builds and with Jess only a few months away from giving birth... Read full synopsis and about the writer.
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