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talkies short of the month smalltalkies short of the month

Talkies Surayya"Hi - I am Surayya ,  one of Talkies' volunteers. I will be bringing you a short film on this website each month.

"Please let us know what you think of this month's film, and watch this space to see what we will bring you in the coming months!"

2018 is one special year for sports. We’ve had the Winter Olympics and Paralympics; the Commonwealth Games are upon us and the footy World Cup begins again in a matter of months, and these are only a few of the mammoth sports events this year has to offer.

Our next short, “Jordanne”, focusses on sportswoman Jordanne Whiley, a British wheelchair tennis player. Through home videos and her narration, we see Jordanne’s journey from childhood to champion, what it took to get her there, and what it takes for her to stay at the top. Quite simply, she’s one of the best tennis players this country has ever produced. And after watching this, you’ll know why.

Let the games begin!”

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